Protects Your Electronics From Extreme Temperatures

Let's start with a bit of background

When a phone or tablet is exposed to very high (over 95 degrees) and low temperatures (under 32 degrees), or is used in direct sunlight, the device will malfunction and often become unusable until the temperature can be regulated. The device's battery life can also be prematurely or permanently shortened. Currently, the only way to prevent this circumstance is to avoid these environmental conditions.



In order to combat heat and cold, each case has "Saltbloc," our patent-pending thermal layering technology. It successfully tackles the mechanics of heat transfer: radiation, convection and conduction.
The first layer works by redirecting infrared energy (a fancy word for heat) away from the case when it's baking in the sun. Conversely, it helps maintain the device's starting temperature by refracting its heat energy back to itself in a cold weather situation (aka a passive warming system.)


Salt Cases is the premiere innovator of thermally protective designer cases for personal and handheld electronic devices, bringing NASA technology to your pocket!
By combining this first layer with additional insulative layers, we’ve also limited the other mechanics of heat transfer i.e. convection/ conduction (the transfer of heat or cold between objects).