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Timeless Style Meets Modern Technology

Salt Cases are designed based on our slogan- Timeless Style Meets Modern Technology. Salt Cases is the first and only company to offer protection from extreme heat and cold for your portable electronic devices. Hand made with the finest materials, which are hand-picked and beta tested for quality, Salt Cases feature a textured tweed fabric, complemented by genuine leather trim and brass accents. The closure is fashioned of genuine leather and a magnetic brass snap. The interior of each case is lined with microsuede, a soft material that won't scratch your screen. With Salt Cases, you can protect your valuable devices without sacrificing fashion. What makes Salt Cases extra special: NASA Technology in Your Pocket! Salt Cases is the first and only company to offer protection from extreme heat and cold for your portable electronic devices.

The Salt Cases Solution: NASA Technology in Your Pocket

Certified Space Technology

The patent-pending, thermally protective cases are inspired by NASA technology. For decades, NASA has protected its spacecraft from extreme heat during launches and extreme cold in outer space using a thermally protective shield. We've embedded the same material used by NASA in each of our cases. Our technology is even certified by the Space Foundation.

Inspired by NASA’s development of thermally protective materials for its  space craft, we’ve been able to combine some of these materials to make our patent-pending, space technology certified cases.

Cold Weather Protection

"When I snowboard, music is a key component to enjoying the ride. After a few runs down the mountain, my phone gets too cold, stops working and my music is gone. I was disappointed to learn there wasnʼt anything on the market to help prevent this from happening, so I decided to solve the problem on my own.”
- Salt Principal Director

When youʼre gearing up for a day of snowboarding or skiing, you wear layers to trap your body heat and stay warm. Salt Bloc is an under layer for your phone, trapping in the deviceʼs heat and maintaining a safe temperature for your phone to operate. Learn more.

Hot Weather Protection

You use sun block to protect your skin from the damaging effects of the sun. Using space certified technology, Salt Block protects your phone from heat. Salt Casesʼ signature Salt Bloc shield protects your phone from harmful solar heat using space certified technology.

Mobile device heat warningWeʼve all seen it. The exclamation point in the middle of that bright yellow triangle, warning us that our device has gotten too hot and will no longer function properly. And after a few summers of record-breaking heat, it is impossible to avoid those phone- debilitating temperatures. thatʼs why we invented Salt Bloc.

Salt Bloc is like sun block for your phone, providing a layer of protection from harmful solar heat. Whether youʼre on the beach, hanging pool side or using your phone in the car, Salt Bloc deflects solar heat, blocking out up to 98 percent of thermal radiation. Learn more.

What People Are Saying

"Dooney & Bourke meets Filson"
- Forbes reporter

"These cases really mean business but also look attractive."
- UK-Phone-Review

"Very elegant design"
- PhonesReview.com

"You might think that such a breakthrough would cost the earth, but the Salt Case range is reasonable and at the moment, they can be pre-ordered at a discount too!"
- TechMash.com

"As someone who hates carrying a wallet, the Salt Case provides both protection for my iPhone as well as a place to keep my over-used credit cards and I.D."
- Chew The Dirt

"Thanks to that and the company's Saltbloc thermal layering technology, Salt cases successfully tackle the mechanics of heat transfer: radiation, convection and conduction. They look pretty stylish as well, we must add."
- PhoneArena